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While the press goes in great details praising and judging Oscar winner’s Alicia Vikander Disney-inspired dress, as well as gossiping about Cate Blanchett’s fresh new haircut, there have been a few incredible dresses on the red carpet which have not quite got enough attention they deserve. Jewel could not stop at our classic five, so here is twice as many read carpet chic for you: 1 Dave Grohl & Jordyn Blum Foo Fighters frontman and his wife Jordyn have appeared as a harmonious couple on the red carpet. Jewel loves this unconventional and sexy dress despite some criticism it received...

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  Today Jewel brings a bit of astrology knowledge in order to help you out with the styling struggles, and we are going to explore the term we rarely see in fashion magazine horoscopes – ascendant. Ascendant stands for the most eastern point in the sky, and essentially it shows the zodiac sign that was rising at the moment of your birth. The ascendant represents your appearance, your energetic and the sensation that others will subconsciously receive from you. In short, ascendant is your best social veneer, the way you come across to people, especially if they don’t know you...

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