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Style Inspiration for Every Zodiac Sign


Today Jewel brings a bit of astrology knowledge in order to help you out with the styling struggles, and we are going to explore the term we rarely see in fashion magazine horoscopes – ascendant.

Ascendant stands for the most eastern point in the sky, and essentially it shows the zodiac sign that was rising at the moment of your birth. The ascendant represents your appearance, your energetic and the sensation that others will subconsciously receive from you. In short, ascendant is your best social veneer, the way you come across to people, especially if they don’t know you very well.

To learn what your ascendant sign is, follow this link and fill in your date of birth, including the hour. It is crucial to know your birth hour to the minute to figure out the ascendant, as even 10 minute difference can at times mean a different sign.

While your Ascendant sign will be crucial in defining your style, it is best to combine a few characteristics of your star signs in order to create harmony in your look. For example, the Venus sign will show your romantic style, while the Moon sign will speak of your caring nature. The Sun sign represents your inner state, while Ascendant is the way others see you.

Below are the descriptions of styles in accordance with the zodiac. From these, you can define whether your style comes closer to your Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant signs. When you find the right combination, you will easily mix and match your zodiac styles in accordance with any occasion: going for a date, you underline your Venus, and for the interview you mix a bit of Sun and Ascendant together.



 Aries Crystal Belt ring

Your dressing style is expressing your vitality and attracting attention to your persona. You give preference to creative bright and rich neon colour combinations. Dynamic, casual style with sporty elements will create a well-balanced look, which compliments your active lifestyle. Adding elements from a male wardrobe helps you to create your signature style. Jewel recommends our Crystal Belt ring that will compliment you best with its chic attention-grabbing design.



 Taurus CZ Tennis Bracelet

Your classic style emphasises feminine and elegant silhouettes. You choose high quality of your garments, and make sure they are to your figure. It might be a simple turtleneck, but it will be of high quality soft cashmere. Giving preference to clean, neutral colours without excessive prints or details makes your style stand out. To compliment your sophisticated look, choose accessories that will speak of your sense of taste, and CZ Tennis bracelet will become a perfect addition to a classic outfit.



 Gemini Boho Pearl Necklace

Your free spirit allows you to give full scope to your imagination, and the versatility of your styles brings you confidence. Keep an eye at current fashion trends, and don’t be afraid to bring new things into your wardrobe – your style shines on top of all trends. Drawing inspiration from current fashion bloggers and fashion Instagram accounts is your best strategy. Silver and gold Boho pearls pendants are ideal for Gemini this season, as they embody accessory trends of SS16.



 Cancer Filigree Heart

Your ideal style is quintessentially feminine, and may come up as a bit conservative, yet you successfully vary it in accordance with your mood. You adore gentle, pastel colour schemes and soft textiles. You embrace femininity in every detail of your outfits, and a Filigree Heart pendant together with Filigree ring become perfect additions to your jewellery box.



 Leo Crystal Braid Chain

Your looks must steal the show, or otherwise you wouldn’t be Leo. You choose colourful, unique items, which make you look gorgeous. Your style is elegant and confident, and every element accentuates your belonging to the elite. You can come across as proud, yet this just becomes another component to your success. Our Crystal Braid chain necklace from Jewel is bound to transform even the most functional outfit into a style statement.



 Virgo Rubbed Solitaire ring

Your style gravitates to stylish functionality. You carefully choose every element to it, even though it seems effortless. You prefer clear cuts without excessive details, toned down palette and discreet accessories. To add a bit of playfulness to your put together looks, you can borrow some elements from the male wardrobe. Our Rubbed Solitaire ring becomes a classic accessory to your feminine looks. You won’t notice how it will become a signature element to your everyday looks.



 Libra CZ Oval pendant

Your style is refined and very ladylike. You choose a gentle colour palette, and give preference to all-time classics instead of eclectics. Accessories are key to your look, they bring your outfit to a new level. There might be just a single piece of jewellery in your look, but you choose it scrupulously. Your looks are pure aesthetics, and have full right to belong to an art collection. Jewel understands your high expectations, and we believe that our Oval CZ pendant has been created just for you.



 Scorpio Jet Pearl Enhancer

You could be the only sign that can convey sexuality in their looks without appearing vulgar. You give full preference to dark and warm colours in your wardrobe. Mixing up polished looks with exotic leopard prints, or adding trendy lingerie style gives your look sexy edginess. For the everyday you prefer a single statement accessory, and a dash of languid perfume. The Silk Rope choker with Jet Pearl enhancer become refined additions to your structured looks.



 Saggittarius Chocolate Square earrings

You value freedom and comfort in your style, without compromising the elegance. Prints are truly your thing, and your outfit shines when they are combined in a novel way. Don’t shy away from ethnic elements, but always make sure your outfits are original and top quality. Your palette is typically toned down, yet you love lush colours. Chocolate earrings from Jewel will add unique style to your look with their delicate warm print.



 Capricorn Jet Pearl Drop earrings

Your style is sophisticated and to the extent sexy, but never over the top. You prefer classic cuts and simple styles. Pencil skirts, chiffon tops and shift dresses have been created for you. Your colour combinations are classical and effortless, and you use your accessories to accentuate your social status and your aesthetic. Grey Pearl studs and Jet Pearl Drop earrings are eternal classics, and will match your wardrobe perfectly.



 Aquarius Teddy Bear broch

Your style is free-spirited and innovative. You rock the eccentric look, and are never afraid to show your true colours. You feel your best self when you dress into whimsical outfits, which are perfect only for you. Exploration is key, and courage to wear items from the opposite looks makes you so charming. Your accessories may not be trendy yet, but you are the trend-setter. Jewel suggests Teddy Bear brooch to play around with.



 Pisces Bohemian Flowers Enhancer

Subtlety is the best word to describe your style. Your looks gravitate to romantic, flowing pieces with vintage elements. Country, bohemian and ethnic looks all create great combinations in your wardrobe. Lace and ribbons are your best friends, yet your outfits remain effortless with understated sexiness. Our Bohemian flowers enhancer will add magical aspect to your dreamy looks and will sure to accentuate your great sense of style.


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Source: Simple Beyond blog