5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

V Day is inevitably approaching, and Jewel recommends preparing for it in advance. Whether you plan to propose or just to create a memorable day full of love, preparation will send your idea to a new level of awesomeness. Once you have figured out how you want to spend it, you are good to choose the perfect gift for the one special lady in your life. Jewel ladies’ team has selected five top pieces from our collections which are sure to get to the innermost part of any woman’s heart.

1 Filigree Heart Pendant


Hearts are a “go to” present for a Valentine’s and you can’t really go wrong with this one. If you are aiming at a memorable present she will wear for years on, this romantic pendant is a perfect choice. Its delicate design radiates romance and creates an undertone of enchantment to any look, making it a very feminine piece. The pendant also comes on an ultra trendy elongated chain, so a fashionista is sure to fall for it too. Comes in silver or gold.


2 Mystic Topaz Ring 

Maybe you are not quite into five-figure Valentine’s day gifts, or maybe that very special ring is on her finger already. No matter what stage of your relationship you are at, this jewellery piece will sure to prove your most sincere feelings for her. Styled in ‘princess design’, it is sure to make her look extra special this Valentine’s and to attract the white envy of all of her female friends. A very special ring for a very special girl indeed!


3 Boho Pearls Pendant


We didn’t just call this gorgeous piece Boho for nothing. This statement pendant creates rich and bold accent to any outfit, but it works magic with free spirited styles. Not quite sure if your special woman is in into bohemian? Check out our Pinterest board. One thing is certain, women wild at heart will fall for this one. 


4 Pave Ball Earrings


These perfect sparkles are an ideal gift if you want to spoil her this Valentine’s without being too pushy. These stunning earrings are excellent if you are celebrating your first V day together, and you have not quite learned her style yet. Whether your lady is into casual chic, or loves smart office style, this dazzling set is sure to highlight her bright personality. Choose between silver and gold.


5 Hearts and Charms Bracelet


This piece is a superstar of Jewel’s Valentine’s Day range. The bracelet creates a memorable look, and although it is designed in vintage, women of all style preferences universally adore it. One of our all-time best-sellers, this gift will assure her that your intentions are as substantial as this outstanding piece of jewellery is.



Lastly, if you are into a spectacular effect for your jewellery gift, don’t forget to order a bunch of her favourite flowers from Wild Poppies!

For more Jewel Valentine’s Day gift ideas, have a look at our Pinterest board