5 Tips for Valentine’s Day If You’re Not Into Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s is a difficult day. It takes lots of speculation whether or not it should be celebrated if you’re out of high school, already married and have kids. And it is agonising if you happen to wake up by yourself this year. Or maybe you just can’t stand romantic declarations of love in public spaces. For the social outcasts of the Valentine’s Day, Jewel team has compiled this Ultimate Guide for showing appreciation to their loved one(s) or having a bit of fun over the weekend.

1 Get Generous

What is less romantic than needles? Sign up for blood donation with NZ Blood and you might just as well be a saviour for somebody’s loved one. The cause sounds noble, but the procedure will soon bring you down from the clouds. It’s also a great way to get your donation done and dusted for a season. Get a lunch before, and after the hospital atmosphere even roses won’t feel cliché. Feel free to donate with your sweetheart, or just by yourself, and bringing children to the centre might be a great way to get them educated.

2 Flowers and Butterflies

The Zoo is a fun and easy option if you don’t want to stay away from your kids, or just enjoy a lively atmosphere. For a single option, ask to baby sit the little ones from your family and have some real kidz fun like you are 9 years old again! Your family is sure to appreciate it too. If you are seeking a more serene space, a botanical garden might be for you. These are great for an intimate walk together, or an exciting exploration for the whole family. And if you are just by yourself this Valentine’s, grab your camera with you and make all your Instagram followers envy the beauty that you saw.

Here is the list of top zoos and gardens in NZ: Auckland Zoo, Hamilton Zoo, Orana Wildlife Park, Wellington ZooAuckland Botanic Gardens, Christchurch Botanic Garden, Gardens in Tauranga, Hamilton Gardens, Wellington Botanic Garden


3 Space Up 

You may not be into volunteering, but you sure would like to make your life better. And since Valentine’s is so conveniently a Sunday this year, why not catch up on some cleaning? Set yourself (and your other half) on cleaning one bit of your property, be it bedroom, garage, or that shed at the end of the garden which has not been opened since 2012. Make some cool summer snacks, turn energising music on, and don’t forget to dress up for the occasion! For a single option, think of inviting some other singles over or just dive into your house memories. Bonus points if you do a garage sale as well, and use the cash to pamper your loved one, even if this is just yourself!

Here are some nifty tips from Houzz, LIfe Edit and Yahoo.

4 Goosebumps

Well, fear is the opposite of romance, isn’t it? If you happen to live in Auckland area you have it easy, as Spookers is pretty much at your backyard. Prepare to get scared like you have never been before. This is also a great option if your Valentine’s also happens to be a first date, as those horrors are sure to break any kind of ice. For families with those below eight, check out their Amazing Maze. As a singleton, you might find this place as the best hiding spot of the gloomy moods, or just a great way to wind up.

If you are seriously into the scary, here is the list of New Zealand’s haunted locations (some of them might surprise you). And in case Spookers website has scared you enough, no one stops you from celebrating Halloween just a bit earlier this year!

 5 Mamma Mia!

Here is a new twist: Valentine’s is a perfect occasion to spend up a bit on a great show. Brownie points if you go out of your way and choose the show that your partner particularly likes, or always wanted to see. As a couple, a colourful burlesque show might become a place for inspiration, and as a singleton, you might even go even further and head to something like Hush Hush. Family option might include a morning matinee, and if you are on a budget this is a great way to see a show without paying too much. Check out Eventfinda or Ticketmaster for shows in your area.


And finally, for all the hopeless romantics out there, head to our Pinterest board for great tips!


Images from Life of Pix, Pexels, Stock Snap, Unsplash