5 Jewellery Trends of 2016

Oh those fashion shows, don’t we love them! Jewel team have found themselves dazzled by the colours and textures of 2016’s collections, and occasionally quite shocked too. So here is our 2016 trends reality check: we inspected major accessory fashion trends this year, and have distilled the ‘wearable’ options that you can safely add to your own wardrobe without having to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. 


1 Necklaces


The bigger and the more bizarre is the better! No doubt, necklaces are great in making an outfit look more sophisticated and eye-catching, apart from drawing looks to the chest.

Jewel suggests toning down a bit the size and amount of sparkles of those runway pieces. Our top picks for 2016 are Abalone Disc PendantLayered Crystals Pendant, Silver Crystal Braid Chain.



2 Gold


Gold truly goes royal on the runways this year, and we absolutely love how designers use this rich element to accentuate power and elegance. In 2016, gold becomes one of the most prominent palettes in the fashion industry. Jewel loves the ability of gold acessories to work for any occasion and outfit. Our 2016 picks are: CZ Nest Ring, Diamante Bracelet, Crystal Key Earrings.



3 Chains


Chains were all over runways last year, but they are not giving their positions yet. Apart from belonging to bags and necklaces, chains are finding their way to other accessories like earrings and even parts of clothing. Jewel will not risk asking you to drape yourself exclusively in chains, but this stylish element is a must this season. We suggest: Nautical Belcher Chain, Nugget Chain, Jet Pearls and Ovals Chain.



4 Hoops


These timeless classic earrings have found new life on the runway in rather extreme sizes. Jewel admires models’ earlobes and suggests staying away from hoops bigger than 10 cm as health and safety precaution. Our choice is Fine Hoop Gold Earrings, Triple Hoop Silver Earrings, Petite Oval Gold Hoops.



5 Pearls


Pearls have been spotted both on the runway and in street style, Rihanna taking it to the next step. Jewel loves pearls trend, as it uses the classier options of the past and can be morphed into something modern while still appearing quite sophisticated. Jewel picks of 2016 are: Delicate Three Tone Pearls, Boho Pearl Gold Pendant, French Style Bead Earrings.

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