5 David Bowie Style Moments

This week Jewel pays tribute to an untimely deceased pop icon David Bowie.

While trying to figure out the backbone and rules of his style, we have discovered that for Bowie, there were no such things as rules. Indeed, David Bowie claimed that his style basis is the ‘anti-style’. Each time, the idol would turn himself upside down and still remain the most naturally stylish man. And it seems that Bowie would not give us five pieces of dressing advice, but leave us with a single one: in order to be truly a stylish person, one needs to live and breathe it. Own it, and it will be yours.

David Bowie has turned his life into a true art masterpiece, and Jewel has compiled his most gaudy style moments:


  1. 1962 - 1968: Early Suits


Surprisingly to everyone familiar with Ziggy Stardust, Bowie has not always been a flamboyant alien. His early style reminds of the casual elegance of the office clerks.


  1. 1969 - 1972: Happy Hippy


Angie Barnett, flourishing Hippie culture and interest in Buddhism have wrapped Bowie into delicate flower patterns and riffles.


  1. 1972 - 1974: The Glam Era


Ziggy Stardust. No words needed!


  1. 1980 - 1989: Loud and Edgy


Post-Ziggy era and Bowie is going strong with his famous Goblin King outfits.


  1. 1990 - 2015: Still Pop Chameleon


Although Bowie seems to finally land back on Earth in the 90s, his ability to adopt almost any style persona remains truly miraculous.


His impeccable sense of style will leave David Bowie in our visual memories for decades to last. David Bowie’s perpetual transformations have inspired us all to consider our styles and get more confident and more sincere with our looks. His creativity was inexhaustible and it looked like he will never stop. What a man to lose!


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