5 Style Tips: Garance Doré

Today, Jewel starts a new series of style advice. We will present inspiring individuals and their style intelligence. Our first feature is elegant Garance Doré, talented illustrator, fashion photographer and blogger from - ta-da - Paris!

Garance Doré is graceful and versatile French blogger: her editorial offering is a coherent and seamless blend of beautiful illustrations, honest and authentic writing, striking photography and most recently, short narrative videos, which give her audience a view into her daily life. Garance has long been considered an epitome of effortless French chic, and today Jewel team has compiled top five style advice from this amazing woman:


1 On things everyone should own:

"A white tee shirt, a white men's shirt, a pair of straight jeans, a pair of ballet flats, and a pair of black sunglasses. Add red lipstick ;)”

2 On beauty inside out:

“I believe it has to be easy, personal and happy. I am not into crazy regimens; I’m very French in that sense. I walk a lot, dance a little, and always talk about getting a trainer to learn how to lift but never do. It’s the same with my diet. I’m getting better and better at only eating food that makes my body happy (if you pay attention, it really does tell you), I probably drink too much wine and coffee, but I have a natural taste for vegetables and simple, wholesome foods. And chocolate. And peanut butter. And margaritas.”


3 On morning routine:

“If I wake up in a bad mood, it means something needs to get fixed in my life. It can be small or big, but I always wake up in a great mood, so that’s a sign. Apart from that, mornings are the most personal, intimate times, so I really think, to each his own! No advice.”

4 On DIY beauty tips:

“Sleep. Curl up in my bed. Relax. Cry if I need to. Beauty is also letting go of control. You can come back to the world happy and quiet, in other words, beautiful. (Sorry I’m cheesy but I truly believe it.)”

5 On effortless chic look:

  • Be happy.
  • Be kind.
  • Let your boyfriend mess up your hair.
  • Open one more button on your shirt.
  • Go minimal on makeup. Show the real you.


Check out Garance Doré’s blog and her beautiful illustrations in our Pinterest board.



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