5 New Year 2016 Resolutions

Christmas season is done and dusted and New Year 2016 is almost at our doorstep. This is the time we start tailoring our yearly resolutions, and here is the list from Jewel team:

1 Drink more water

Banal? Yeah, but we still can’t master this delicate art. This is a vital habit to stay energized and productive during air-conditioned working days. As various advice ranges from 1.5 to 4 liters a day, we have decided to settle on 2.016 litres, or about 9 standard cups a day. Cheers!

2 Start doing Yoga

Well, it’s almost as benefiting for your health as water. You don’t need to sign up for a School or dedicate several hours a day for it either. Just find the doable time and stick to it. Even if its simply standing in ‘downward-facing dog’ five minutes before shower. Our favourite is Tara Styles channel. There, you can find any type of programme and follow it the way that suits you. Just make sure you add some relaxing music to complete the atmosphere of bliss.

3 Plan your Weekends

After a tough five working days, it’s nice to dedicate Friday night to socializing and dreaming of all the nice things to do on the weekend. Yet, all these dreams often stay just dreams if you wake up at around 3 pm after a great party the night before. So in 2016 we have resolved to make a weekly “weekend wishlist” and to implement at least top two, each for one day. Try to make it the most fun way you can too! Need to do groceries? How about meeting with your girlfriends on one of Sunday markets and get things done with coffee and smile on your face?

4 Volunteer

It’s great experience which enhances both your life and of those in need! Just pick a cause you care about and dedicate some time to it in the coming year. Jewel team is still picking their favourites; we have SPCA and Chromacon Festival in mind.

5 Live a positive life

We all have this one person in our circle of friends who appears to have swallowed sunshine for breakfast. This sort of people just glow from the inside with positivity and cheerfulness! Why not try to become one of their species next year? It’s not easy at all, and you might as well start with tiniest things like greeting your co-workers and family members with the most beaming smile every morning. Be sure, they will smile back!


Images from Unsplash, Startup Stock Photos, Stocksnap