5 Apps to Make Your Life Bliss


Let’s not deny it – you spend at least as much time with your smartphone as with your friends (but maybe even much, much more). Then it makes perfect sense to make sure this time is spent productively and enjoyably. Jewel team is here to help you upgrade your phone with some precious apps we have tested on ourselves.


1 MyFitnessPal

After all the basics (like Instagram), it’s our most essential app which helps getting in shape for upcoming holidays. MFP makes it so much easier to track daily calories and sustain nutritious diet, and so it is our number one app to fight those extra kilos, whether after pregnancy or especially productive ‘cake weekend’. After about a month of using it becomes really easy to count calories in that salad by eye, without meticulously calculating and noting down every ingredient. We are on and off this app
depending on the current weight. (Currently on.)

2 VSCO Cam 

VSCO Cam is an app we can swear on. It is essential for any quality picture editing from a phone, and brings Instagram photos to a new level of awesomeness. The app is free, though you need to pay for the most of new filters.

3 Uber 

Uber is an app for taxi service. Or, rather, it is a replacement of taxi service with a private driver. Apart from surprisingly low prices, the cars are new and clean and the drivers are really friendly. This is a perfect way to get to and out of town, as you don’t need to carry cash with you – the payment is going through the credit card registered in the app. So, Uber will help you get home even if you lost your purse (but not your phone). Heads up, frequent travellers – Uber is operating in 53 countries.

4 Pic Collage 

Pic Collage is a great mood creator. It helps making pretty collages for chats with girls, adding cute hearts, flowers, unicorns and other pretty stuff to your pics. Truly a girls’ app.

5 Duolingo

Duolingo is an app which helps us procrastinate without shame. Currently we are mastering Spanish and German and we love how it only takes five minutes or so a day to get smarter. You will need to have some grammar basics beforehand, but Duolingo is irreplaceable for keeping up with a language on the go.